"You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great


Due to the COVID-19 measures, we are currently not giving any classes. We do offer our studio and equipment for practice for EUR 15,- per hour.  Please send us an e-mail to info@djsuperior.academy

DJ WORKSHOPS - Corporate Event, Birthday Party or just for fun!

14 DAGEN GELD TERUG GARANTIE: Heb je toch twijfels dan kan je binnen 14 dagen na aankoop een beroep doen op onze geld terug garantie. Voorwaarden is wel dat er nog geen gebruik is gemaakt van de les en de aanvraag dient schriftelijk te worden ingediend. Na de termijn van 14 dagen hebben wij een geen geld retour beleid.

14 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you have second thoughts we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days after your purchase. Condition is that you haven't followed any class yet and this request must be made in writing (e-mail). After the 14 days we have a no refund policy.

Make your event more fun with an interactive DJ Workshop!

Beginners DJ Workshop:

The basic important rules of mixing on a turntable:

  • Explanation of the difference between verse and chorus
  • Beat counting
  • Find the first beat
  • Beat matching
  • Mixing

Advanced DJ Workshop

Scratch DJ Masterclass - Learn how to scratch on cd-players or Vinyl

Rekordbox Workshop

Looking for a specific or more advanced type of workshop, no problem, just ask us!

All workshops are custom made. We don't think for you but with you!


(Parties, workshops, masterclasses)


  • 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2
  • 1x Pioneer DJM-900 nxs2
  • 1x Pioneer DJM-s9
  • 1x Pioneer DDJ-400
  • 2x Technics SL-1210
  • 2x dynaudio BM5A MK2


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